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Flow Sensor YFS403 (Magnetic flow) Interface with NodeMCU ESP8266 12E V1 Board, and display the water flow rate & Total Volume in LCD Display (16x2), And integrate the hardware with IoT Web Server. The IoT Server use Thingspeak Application. The water flow rate & volume data can be uploaded to Thingspeak Server and local web server page.

Sensor Frequency (Hz) = 4.5 * Q (Liters/min)
Litres = Q * time elapsed (seconds) / 60 (seconds/minute)
Litres = (Frequency (Pulses/second) / 7.5) * time elapsed (seconds) / 60
Litres = Pulses / (4.5 * 60)

Iot Cloud Based Water Flow Monitoring (Webserver & Thingspeak)

SKU: I03
₹12,500.00 通常価格
  • Project kit : 1 No , CD/DVD: 1 No The CD/DVD contains a supportive documents like datasheet, Project Kit Demo video. Circuit diagram,  Code explanation for the Project.

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